learning about bees and other incects


We give lectures on bees, wasps and various other insects and animals. We speak at schools and private businesses.  We also help new beekeepers start there own apiary. Our prices start @ 100.00 a session we try to answer all questions and  provide support through our email bzzbeeremoval@gmail.com we look forward to learning together about the many benefits honeybees have on our society and planet. 

We rescued this colony in the east bay. It landed on a fence, in a residents front yard. We were pleased to get help from a fellow beekeeper out of Pacifica ,CA  who happens to be an educator for  San Francisco Unified School District . After we contained the bees we were able to put them in an observation hive, to help students safely learn about honeybees, and the precautions they should take when around them.


Bee swarm inside house
Observation hive used to educate in some lectures Hive # 5.
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